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Section I - The American Citizen

[Definition of Citizenship] [Origin of Citizenship] [Source of American Citizenship] [Acquisition of American Citizenship] [Immigration and Naturaliztion] [No Dual Allegiance] [Dual Citizenship] [Right of Suffrage] [Guaranties as to person and property] [Obligations of Citizenship] [I am an American]

Section II - Interdependent Relationships        

[Development of Civilization] [Mutual Relationships] [Community Relationships] [National Relationships] [International Relationships] [Beneficial to person and Property] [Beneficial to Production] [Results in Progress] [A Nation of Specialists] [Interdependence of Capital, Labor, and Consumer] [Public Utilities] [Beneficial to Peace] [Cosmopolitan Character of Population] [Our Opportunity]

Section III - Character, The Greatest Asset of America             

[The Greatest Asset of America] [Cooperation] [Character] [National Character] [Individual Character] [Physical Character] [Ethical Character]
[Political Character]

Section IV - Great Americans and Their Achievements              

[The value of Biography] [Fields of Achievement] [George Washington] [Benjamin Franklin] [John Marshall] [Thomas Jefferson] [Daniel Webster] [Abraham Lincoln] [The Winning of the West] [Daniel Boone] [George Rodgers Clark] [Lewis & Clark] [Rev. Marcus Whitman] [Gen. John C. Fremont] [Eli Whitney] [Robert Fulton] [Samuel Morse] [Capt. John Ericsson] [Maj. Walter Reed] [Maj. Gen. William C. Gorgas]

Section V - Economic Development of America              

[The Colonial Spirit] [Colonists Largely Representative] [A Continet to Conquer] [The Federation of the Colonies] [Encouraged by Constitutional Provisions] [Free Land and Opportunity] [Influence of the Civil War] [Capital Control] [Citizen Control] [Adaptation to Abnormal Conditions] [Labor Advancement] [Mass Production and High Wages] [Steady Employment] [Intense Efforts of Industry] [The Creditor Nation] [Production the Basis of..] [Mechanized Industry] [Higher Self-Appreciation] [Employee becomes Employer] [High Standard of Living] [America Worth Saving?]

Section VI - Individual Initiative              

[Mankind a Mass of Individual Ego] [Two Forms of Government] [Collectivistic Government] [Individualistic Government] [An American Institution] [Constitutional Guaranties] [Aristocracy of Brains] [The Four I's] [The Price of Success] [The Citizen's Privilege]

Section VII - Liberty and Independence               

[Historical Background] [Slow Development of Necessary Knowledge] [The Declaration of Independence, a Protest] [Liberty Defined] [Personal Liberty] [Religious Liberty] [Freedom of Speech and Press] [Economic Liberty] [Political Liberty] [Safeguards to Our Liberties]

Section VIII - The Purpose of Government          

[Progress of Government] [Sources of the Constitution] [The Purpose of Government] [The Preamble to the Constitution] [The American Philosphy of Government]

Section IX - Representative Government    

[Early Forms of Government] [Representative Government] [Comparative Analysis] [Superior to all Others] [No Direct Action] [Methods of Representative Government] [Consensus of the Governed] [American Bill of Rights] [Enumeration of Constitutional Rights] [Government by Representation] [Compromises] [Separation of Powers] [Checks and Balances] [Federal Judiciary] [Delegated National Powers] [Powers Reserved to State and People] [Dangers to Representative Government] [Safeguards]

Section X - Personal Responsibility        

[Responsibility of the Present] [American Civilization Dynamic] [Individual Responsibility] [Education] [High Standards] [Importance of Active Citizenship] [Public Opinion] [Responsibility Can Not be Transferred] [Our Example of Individual Responsibility]

Section XI - Self-Preservation    

[Self-preservation the first Law of Nature] [Preservation of Life and Liberty] [National Defense the Bulwark of Self-preservation] [Preservation of Philosophy of Government] [Preparedness a Necessity] [America not Militaristic] [America nor Imperialistic] [Destructive Idealism] [Prepared Leadership] [Military Policy of the United States] [The State Department] [National Defense Act] [Prearedness an Agency for Peace] [Moral Qualities Essential to Self-preservation]

Section XII - The America Flag     

[Design Accepted] [Significance of Elements] [Progress of the Flag] [Allocation of the Stars] [Inspiration of the Flag] [The Future of the Flag] [Kinds of National Flags] [Federal Laws] [Method of Displaying the Flag] [Disposition of Worn-out Flags] [Military Salute to the Flag] [National Anthem] [National Salute] [Initial Events of the American Flag]